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The Beer Here is the online counterpart of my continuing coverage of Oregon beer business and culture for The Oregonian newspaper, where I began writing a weekly beer column in 1994. The blog reprints and amplifies the weekly beer columns for the A&E section, plus other stories written for FoodDay, Business, Living and for MIX Magazine, plus online-only pieces, photo galleries and lots of event information.
Jeff Alworth founded Beervana in 2006, but he's been writing about Oregon beer since the 1990s. Like all blogs, Beervana is an eclectic mixture of topics that interest Jeff, but in a week's worth of posts, you're likely to see a discussion of styles, a post about something interesting happening in the beer world, a review, and a philosophical consideration about some aspect of beer an brewing.
Brewpublic is a site committed to news and events relevant primarily to Oregon, but with interest in all things craft beer related. Founded by Angelo De Ieso II in 2008 the site was greatly inspired by the few other craft beer websites around Portland at the time it was created. The mission was and has remained to provide continually informative insight on regional craft beer by appealing to lovers of the craft. Angelo, a graduate of Portland State University majoring in communication, has a history working in the craft beer industry at great beer establishments such as Belmont Station, MacTarnahans, Cascade Brewing, Upright Brewing, and working as a professional freelance journalist. Brewpublic is also the original Portland beer blog to organize a number of craft beer events including KillerBeerFest / KillerBeerWeek, Division Street Pub Crawl, and a slew of other uniquely themed goingson. It is Brewpublic's goal to provide a voice for all who love great beer, to share our love for thier craft and the community, and to pay homage to the greatest beer producing regions on the planet.
The Daily Pull is written by Brady Walen, a former Chicagoan now living in Beervana. The blog follows Brady's experiences with craft beer and occasionally features posts about various marketing, branding, and social media aspects of the craft beer community.
What started out as a travel journal while living in Austin, Texas turned into more a personal log of my beery excursions mostly around Portland, Oregon, one of the best beer cities in the world and the place I now call home.
Craft Beer related Commentary, Reviews, Opinion, Foods, News and more...
I started writing "The Not So Professional Beer Blog" in August 2010 to document my explorations of craft beer, homebrewing, and Portland beer culture. As native of Illinois, I avoided beer like the plague after being subjected to the omnipresent mass produced industrial lagers that dominated my early adulthood. While visiting Portland in the mid-90's, I had an epiphany while drinking a Widmer Hefeweizen and realized that beer could actually taste great! Join me as I explore homebrewing and the great craft beers of the Northwest and beyond.
Portland Beer and Music celebrates the people that make Oregon beer happen. You will find interviews, recommendations, event reviews and access to beer heros. Lessons and reminders on how to navigate through events is provided for you, so that you can get the most out of your beer experiences in the best beer state in the country.
Portlandbeer.org has been covering the Portland beer scene since 2005, through news articles, photography, event coverage, and an ever growing database of Portland beers. Through social outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr as well as an upcoming mobile app, the site is expanding to become not just a resource for the Portland beer community, but also a resource by the Portland beer community.
A few years ago I noticed that my friends and I spend a lot of time talking, theorizing, and plotting about beer. Oh yeah, and drinking beer in one of the greatest beer scenes the world has ever known: Portland. It gave me the idea to start It's Pub Night, named after the ritual weekly phone call or email rounding up friends for a night out: "Hey, it's pub night!". I rarely post anything about upcoming events, since other blogs in town do a much better job reporting on them than I could. Instead, I write reviews of beer festivals, grand openings, and meet-the-brewer events after they happen. I also track local price trends in the quarterly Portland Beer Price Index, and try to keep things lighthearted with the occasional ridiculous beer stunt. Some of the greatest hits of It's Pub Night are: